Trevor Youngberg

Portfolio Categories: Ceramics.

Trevor actively makes and fires his ceramic art work in a traditionally Japanese-style kiln called an Anagama.  Anagama kilns are known for the natural ash and atmosphere which defines their distinct style of fired ceramic surface.  His self-designed kiln is a hybrid-Anagama. The kiln design blends features derived from his own innovations and influences from kilns he has visited both here in the U.S. and England.  Anagama wood-firing in particular, which requires teamwork, provides meaningful interpersonal connections as well as endless variation and a depth of surface on the creative side.

Trevor has a B.S in Studio Art from Bethel University, St. Paul, MN, an M.S. in Art Education from Southern Connecticut State University and holds 30 post-grad credits in Technology Education which certifies him to teach Technology Education in the State of Connecticut. Trevor teaches Ceramics and Photography full-time at Trumbull High School.