Racquel Miller

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Racquel Miller was born and raised in the beautiful Southern California. She moved to Connecticut 13 years ago with her husband because of the history behind the state and the surrounding nature. Racquel is a mother of three very energetic boys. She has held a job as medical assistant, massage therapist, and currently administrative assistant for a large education institute in academia.

She was inspired to make her own jewelry to encourage beauty, expressive language, and individuality. Racquel has always like the idea of wearing accessories and clothing that wasn’t widely seen . With a passion for the 16th -18th century she tries to incorporate similar features with a twist of architecture.

This is a passion she embarked on to make her very own even though she had no formal professional training. She took a short metalsmithing class at Weslyn Potter in Middletown, CT which taught her some very valuable skills. She is intrigued with taking items apart and putting them back together to see what shape would come about.

Her jewelry designs consist of gold and silver wiring, clock parts, and natural foliage. They have a unconventional twist and unexpected forms. All her collections can be worn alone and also combined to carry beautiful strength allowing options to express your unique style and personality.