Mark Rich

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Mark paints with wax and oil paint. The symbology goes back to the early 1980’s, if you look closely there is a story. Each painting represents a paragraph in that story. Each time it’s this surprise, this step along the path. It is improvisation and sometimes random. Abstract painting is a way of thinking, and there are no rules except to reject the obvious, and embrace uncertainty. Multilayered with discarded ideas, more about the path, than the destination. He is trying to tune into the collective unconscious, to understand the human condition.

Mark’s earliest influence was his father, the painter, Harry Rich. Followed by the New York School abstract expressionists, the post NYS neo abstract painters of the sixties, seventies and eighties, the faculty at SVA including: Susan Crile, Leigh Benke, Don Eddy, Burt Hasen, Michael Loew, Michael Goldberg, Joe Pearlman, George Ortman, Hannah Wilke and John Button.


American School Tangier, Morocco

Queens Museum, NYC

Forefront Gallery, Long Island City, NYC

PS1, Long Island City, NYC

Artworx, Hartford, CT

Gallery on the Green, Canton, CT

The Underground Gallery, Collinsville, CT

Center Framing & Art, West Hartford, CT