Kristie Foss

Portfolio Categories: Glass and Jewelry.

Kristie’s interest in art started at a young age. When she was about 8, Kristie was fascinated with glass seed beads. Her mother helped her learn to loom.  Looming led to experimenting with bead-weaving, an interest she had for years.  Books and workshops helped expand her skills.  Bead-weaving was the first art form Kristie taught to others, regularly for over 20 years. 


In 1990, while attending a bead conference, she opted to attend a 2 hour introduction to a new product called Precious Metal Clay, PMC.  That 2 hour session was enough to get her hooked.  Kristie went home, purchased all the necessary equipment including a kiln, and registered for formal training.  She is certified as a PMC instructor and an Art Clay instructor, and taught classes in this medium for several years.  At one of the training workshops, Kristie met a woman who made beautiful porcelain beads.  She worked with me for a few years to help me learn how to mold and form hollow porcelain beads, glaze, paint, luster and fire them.  For a while, Kristie combined her porcelain beads with PMC silver.


Then, around 2009, a friend invited her to go to an introductory class on polymer.  The colors, and the ability to manipulate that product to represent almost anything, hooked her right way.  She’s been a polymer enthusiast ever since.   As with bead-weaving, Kristie started her polymer “education” devouring books,and taking workshops from some outstanding polymer artists.  She has been recognized in Cynthia Tinapple’s Polymer Clay Daily online community, and in Sage Bray’s Daily Polymer Arts Blog.