Barbara Weaver

Portfolio Categories: Photography.

“My wish is to always stay like this, living quietly in the corner of nature.”  -Claude Monet

Barbara Weaver is a self-taught, nature and wildlife photographer. In 2016, her appreciation for the outdoors inspired her to pursue a hobby, now secondary career, in photography.

Her love affair with photography began at her local camera store’s “Get to know your Camera and Photography Basics” class. Barbara then immersed herself in articles, blogs, and interviews with professional photographers around the country to learn new techniques and refine her skills. Her persistence to master the art of photography has been driven by her passion and appreciation for wildlife. 

When Barbara isn’t working as a Dental Assistant, she focuses on perfecting her photography skill set. 

She has displayed her photography in local galleries, private showings, the Haddam Neck Fair and the Guilford Fair, where she has received awards and recognition for her work.

Her work often follows the theme of capturing intimate, rare moments within an animal’s life that could easily be overlooked. Within these moments, true beauty is found.

Barbara is honored to debut her work at Spectrum Gallery in Essex, CT. She hopes the passion that she has for nature gives others joy and evokes raw emotion through her photos.