Svitlana Tatulych, MD

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Dr. Svitlana Tatulych has devoted her entire life to healing. With an extensive experience in medicine, clinical research and energy healing, Svitlana has been working on bridging Western and Eastern medicines and spirituality for well-being and healing of humanity through fine art.

Svitlana has always been fascinated with science and after working for more than a decade in a medical field taking care of patients, she decided to move into medical research. It is very rewarding to bring a new medicine to the market that would help fight diseases and improve quality of life thousands of people, and she feels fortunate to contribute to this process. Svitlana has been working in this area for more than 15 years now and her role is to ensure that the medicine is efficacious and safe. She is the co-author of numerous scientific papers that published in medical and scientific journals and her studies results had been successfully presented at different conferences across the globe.

While medications mostly working on a physical level, it is also important to take care of emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the body.

Being a Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master and after taking some art classes in Mystic, CT and Guilford, CT, she got inspired to develop a painting style where energy, crystals and paint could be incorporated. Each painting Svitlana starts with a meditation and opening a channel to the Universal energy and higher wisdom which guides her through the process. Her paintings infused with Reiki and powerful energy of crystals and activated for the highest good and deepest healing for all people interacting with her art which she calls a healing art.