Sezgi Hermans

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In my photos I try to capture the world around us in the same way as we remember it. Whether during my childhood in Istanbul, my travels around the world or here in America, I discovered that in very different settings the interactions humans have with their surroundings have one thing in common: we remember our encounters differently than we experience them. Our memories are a summary, a snapshot that contains the idealized essence of our experience. It is this version of reality that I try to convey with my artistic photography. Whether in a sunset over a lake, or an encounter with a stranger, it is the fleeting perspective on a situation—which can hardly be pinpointed to any particular moment and which normally becomes a fading memory—that is the subject of my photos. What inspires me most is traveling the world and capturing the essence of specific moments in new places when natural light provides a unique perspective. Behind each of my photos lies a quest for the perfect harmony between colors and composition.

I am currently educating myself at different art institutions, including the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I am also fine-tuning my other passion of oil and acrylic painting. The palette of soft and bright colors found in Romantic and Impressionistic art of the nineteenth century forms my primary source of inspiration, and in my paintings I strive for the same harmony that characterizes my photos. My diverse oeuvre as a both a photographer and painter include scenes varying from everyday life in subsaharan Africa to the volcanic beauty of Yellowstone park.