Robert Kelsey

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Robert grew up in Branford, CT, a beautiful coastal town. He was a regular Tom Sawyer loving fishing, birding, and nature in general. He also knew from an early age, that he was mechanically inclined and chose vocational training as a machinist which he followed for the entirety of his working life. He saw an opportunity to combine his two “natures” just a few years before retirement while at a Craft Fair where his wife indulged her love of earrings. It was at that time he realized he could make those for her. And so began his journey which included taking metalsmithing classes at the Guilford Art Center. He now uses many of his machinist skills on a smaller scale – cutting, shaping, pressing, rolling, deburring, etc..

Interpretation rather than duplication of natural phenomenon is his goal. Copper is a very expressive medium in which one can communicate the inspiration Nature offers. Saw, hammer, bend, twist and form it into one’s own vision…Color using patinas, natural oxidation, dyes and heat to name just a few. Combining these processes creates endless combinations and offers opportunity for customization to the buyer which he welcomes.

Working on his jewelry is a form of meditation for him. He gets into a zone and time does not exist. Some jewelers are technical and some excel in design. He is the former and appreciates the creative inspiration of the very same wife whose love of hand-crafted jewelry unknowingly inspired the direction of his retirement.

He sincerely hopes you will enjoy his Copper Creations as much as he enjoys creating them. He looks forward to sharing with you Natures endless inspirations.