Robert Burns

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As Robert wound down a career in the world of investments he decided to pursue an earlier passion and devote full time to the fields of art and painting. He sought out and received formal training at the Hartford Art School. His style is considered realist, or representational, painting primarily in oils. His subject matter focus is the natural beauty of NewEngland with its countrysides of verdant rolling hills and its many rocky coastal areas. The subtle beauty of this environment as well as the pristine colonial style architecture indigenous to this area has intrigue for him. Robert is drawn to a variety of subjects, however a boat of some kind or a farm animal often seem to find their way to his canvas.

Subconsciously he thinks he is attempting to capture or preserve a way of life that appears to be disappearing. His many paintings of small and independent dairy farms or coastal Maine lobstermen are such examples. That all being said, the natural beauty that surrounds us has already been created, and Bob firmly believes that it is the artist’s mission to reveal that beauty through the expression of his or her particular chosen medium.Robert has had numerous showings including WHAL CT+6, West Hartford Jewish Community Center, Hartford Town and County Club, Simsbury Library, Simsbury 1820 House, Granby Lost Acres Vineyard, and others. He won first prize (oils) in the Simsbury Land Trust Show.Robert ’s latest venture is creating heritage oil paintings for Porsche enthusiasts of their cars on the track or still.