Pat Damiani

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Pat is a self-taught artist, but has also studied with, and is heavily influenced by David Fusco, who graduated from Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT. Art has always been a part of Pat’s life, beginning at a very young age. Pat was influenced early on by her grandmother, who took painting classes and filled her basement with paintings on easels and the basement walls. Pat’s brother grew up to be a sketch artist for a police department in Orlando, FL, while Pat chose to be an accountant. Art is a hobby and a passion for her. In 2010 she went to South Carolina to take an intense five-day airbrush class from Dru Blair. It certainly changed her approach to painting. She looks at everything through an artist’s eye and ponders how she can paint it on canvas.

Pat’s recent discovery is a love of painting dogs. She began by painting a portrait of her daughter’s puppy, and a friend asked if she would paint her dog. Painted dogs blossomed and Pat painted several dogs before finally painting her own dog, a black lab named Georgia, who is featured in some of Pat’s most recent paintings.

Pat puts 100% effort into every art piece she creates, sometimes painting into the wee hours. When her art is sold or displayed she feels a sort of sadness, combined with emptiness, like a part of her is leaving. And it’s true, a part of her does leave, but it’s bittersweet, because her artwork is admired and enjoyed by many people.