Kia Barnett

Portfolio Categories: Fabric-Fiber and Fashion.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Kia has been creating art from a very young age.  This creativity was influenced and encouraged by her creative family, namely her father who is a self-taught abstract artist and musician.  As a child, she displayed paintings, drawings and sculptures in galleries across Connecticut.  She also assisted her father with art lectures and helped teach art classes.  As a teenager, she added photography to her creative interests.  This eventually lead her to Rochester Institute of Technology where she earned a BFA in Advertising Photography.  She worked in the field of photography for several years before starting a family and deciding to stay home with her kids.

Crafting bags started as a hobby, an activity that could be included in her list of creative outlets.  Kia quickly found that she really enjoys the design/construction process and often combines photography, jewelry making, graphic design, creative writing and found fabrics/objects with her bag designs.

In her home studio, Kia designs, cuts and sews every bag.  With attention to detail, she views each bag as a functional piece of art.  Whether in the fabric choice, shape, custom design element or all of the above; she likes that every bag is something different, something unique.