Fred Rosenthal

Portfolio Categories: Photography.

Having spent more than 50 years in the advertising business, storytelling has been a major theme in Fred’s life, and photography his chosen medium. During those years as an ad man, he was frequently around photographers, both in the studio and on location. So while Fred is technically a self-taught photographer, there have been plenty of professional colleagues over the years who have helped him develop my skills and my own esthetic. With retirement from advertising in the early 2000’s, he began taking pictures in earnest, both locally and abroad. No matter where he is, Fred looks for subject matter with interesting content, striking coloration, and unusual tonal qualities. As Fred’s working the subject, he is sensitive to the basic, everyday rules of composition, perspective and lighting. His photo editing is usually simple and is rarely evident to the viewer. Fred tries to imagine the image as he saw it during that very first encounter. He has had the good fortune to have my photographs included in many local exhibits and have mounted several one-man shows as well. Many of his photos have earned Best in Show with both the Coastal Camera Club and the New Haven Camera Club, where he also received a Photo of the Year award.