Evando Macario

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Evando Macario, a native of Brazil, the youngest son of a housewife and a military man/music conductor, lived in his hometown of Campinas, Sao Paulo, until his early thirties. In the mid-90’s moved to the U.S. settling down in Connecticut. After living in a few different towns in the Southern Fairfield county area he settled in the town of Stratford.


As a self-taught painter, he describes his art as being abstract, subjective, and expressionist.  He likes to paint what is pleasing to his eyes without worrying about rules or pre-established concepts of art. For him, art is what makes people happy. He usually searches for inspiration in nature and in images of our everyday life. Bright colors is what he loves and it is a must in his paintings. The artists that influence him the most are Helen Frankenthaler, Gerhard Richter, Richard Diebenkorn, Mark Rothko, Hermann Nitsch, among others.


As a child, he was always very artistic and art in general has always been an interest of his but painting was something that he says he never really cared for. It was only in his forties that he became interested in painting. He used a computer to create art and then transfer it to canvas, and after a couple of years his art then developed into what it is now. The flooding of colors in each piece establishes a new dimension to what the image primarily conveys and brings us to a happy place where dark, somber colors don’t exist.


For his abstract paintings he utilizes primarily acrylic paints, and water mixible oils for the majority of his portrait commissions. His art has no specific intention but it has its own message that he never knows what is going to be.