Douglas Deveny

Portfolio Categories: Mixed Media.

A native of Connecticut, currently residing in Essex, Douglas Deveny is an emerging artist returning to his love of painting after a 7-year hiatus.

Doug attended The Art Institute of Atlanta and Savannah College of Art and Design before completing college as an adult, receiving his B.S. in Art Education from Southern Connecticut State University – Summa Cum Laude.  Apart from his academic training, Doug is primarily self-taught in regards to his abstract design sense and in the creation of his own experimental painting techniques and methods.  Suzanne Siegel of Guilford, CT is presently mentoring him.

Doug is fascinated by texture, happenstance and the patina of worn surfaces: a rusted sign, the lichen pattern on a boulder, deteriorating paint revealing the layers underneath.  Whether it is his older abstract landscape compositions or current geometric and fluid stripe compositions, texture has been a major concentration and primary element in his work.

His initial solo show at Claire’s Corner Copia in New Haven (2007) proved very successful and he was asked to return the following year.  He’s also participated in group shows at Artwell Gallery in Litchfield CT, New Haven Paint and Clay Club in New Haven CT, and Maple and Main Gallery of Fine Art in Chester CT.

Doug’s work is in private collections in Connecticut, California, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina and Washington DC.