Bruce and Gail Barton

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Bruce and Gail Barton spend the winter months living aboard their boat in the northern Bahamas collecting rare sea glass shards. The area is rich in beautiful old sea glass as a result of numerous shipwrecks on the reefs off the islands during the early 1800’s. Their jewelry creations feature old and very rare pieces of sea glass and pottery. Sea Glass Designs’ jewelry is all handcrafted and made with high quality materials.

Sea Glass Designs has been in business for over 10 years. Prior to opening the business, Bruce was an electrical engineer. His engineering background carried over to designing evocative jewelry capitalizing on the use of light and sea glass. Gail, in addition to her role as jewelry maker, is the business manager of the business. She formerly held the position of business manager for 25 years for the State of Connecticut. Both Bruce and Gail have studied jewelry design at Metalwerx School of Jewelry Design in Waltham, MA.