Azra Hussain

Portfolio Categories: Jewelry.

Azra is a distinctive jewelry artist. She is an artist and former educator mother of three. She works from her studio in Connecticut. She believes that jewelry is an expression and an extension of fine arts. Her pieces are simple but elegant and are unique and are one of a kind. No two of her necklaces look the same. She enjoys infusing drama and colour into her works. Her idea of color play is out of the ordinary, making her pieces both exquisite and affordable at the same time. Each of her works requires intricate sculpting with hours of patience and gentle handiwork. She likes working with glass beads and semi-precious stones. She likes the transparency and smooth texture of the glass beads. The stone brings contrast to the glass beads with distinct erratic edges and brilliant but unpredictable colors. She brings the medley of shimmering materials together in coils and strands of silver, gold, and copper wire. Her jewelry pieces are not just an adornment of decoration but a projection of artwork.

She has exhibited her work at the well reputed Spectrum Art Gallery in Essex, CT and has participated in a number of exhibitions. She has also shown work at the Guilford Art Gallery and New Britain Art Museum. Her work has also been shown in the Converge Art Gallery in Williamsport, PA. Ever since she started the business of jewelry making in 2016 she has been recognized at galleries and a number of art competitions. She won in the Zeitgeist competition in the June of 2017. She won the Light Space and Times Competition of animals and also landscapes in May and June of 2017. She became the only jewelry artist to get a full page print in the world renowned ArtAscent international magazine in their Orange issue of june 2017. Bauhaus Prairie art gallery’s selected her to be the only jewelry artists for their still life art competition of July 2017. Her recent win in the Contemporary Art Gallery competition in Annapolis, MD where she was given the judges choice award in the October of 2017. Besides her upcoming holiday show at Spectrum art gallery in Nov 2017, she plans to participating in the New Britain Art Museum’s holiday show in December of 2017 for which she’s also been featured on the cover page of the brochure and has been the face of the campaign.