Anne Sheffield

Portfolio Categories: Photography.

Anne Sheffield has been photographing unusual images and perspectives for decades, showing many at the Essex Art Association. As a retired art teacher, she works in many media    and sometimes uses photos as resources for paintings, but believes photos stand as an art form on their own to catch the quirkiness of real life. 


Ms. Sheffield is interested in repurposing functional items into art as a way to re-envision them beyond practicality. Frequently, when kitchen items break they become fascinating new forms reflecting our own fragility and adaptations as we recover, regroup, and rethink after an unexpected loss. 

As a poet, Ms. Sheffield sees the physical world as a correlation to invisible feelings. These photographs demonstrate how one can bounce back after breakage by reimagining possibilities. 


In college art courses, she used a dark room to develop her own black and white prints, but she much prefers the spontaneity of digital images.