Amanda Merritt

Portfolio Categories: Fabric-Fiber.


Amanda Merritt has always been an artist of some sort. Born with the influence of incredibly talented & creative parents, attending design schools, folk-crafting and observing nature up-close on her farm, with a flip-side living and working in the New York City fashion industry, detaching to solo-travel the world teaching brand and design in six of the seven continents. Now firmly planted on the ground working in the studio smack-in-the-middle of her parent’s beautiful gardens on the shoreline. She has attended classes at Killingworth Arts Center, Guilford Art Center, Lyme Academy and Connecticut Natural Science Illustration at Yale Peabody. A member of Lyme Art Association and a docent at the American Impressionism museum at the Florence Griswold homestead, she is very active in the arts from a variety of perspectives. Serving as an artist thoughtfully influenced by a lifetime of interesting experiences, with a commitment to learning, sharing and teaching from a wealth of observations expressed through her art.