Future Exhibitions

Please note: The Gallery Store is always looking to form relationships with new artisans whether or not they have work corresponding to show themes.


Walls, Fences and Doors: Obstacle or Opportunity

March 24- May 7, 2017. Submission Details

This exhibit explores the question: what are walls, doors and fences for both the positive and negative uses. Do they protect, honor and entice? Or are they obstacles, exclusionary and isolating? Can they be objects of beauty or ugly and nightmarish? All mediums are welcome both abstract and representational.

Receiving is March 13-18, 2017. An Opening Reception is held on Friday, March 24 (6:30-9pm).


Group Summer Festival Show

May 19-July 2, 2017. Submission Details

Juried Summer Arts Festival on the Essex Town Green (June 17-18, 2017) with 6 week show at Spectrum Gallery Open to All Festival Participants. Festival is limited to 40-50 artists. $80 registration fee after acceptance. Sponsor is Arts Center Killingworth DBA Spectrum Gallery. Arts Center takes all transactions throughout the festival weekend with a 20% commission. Artists are paid within two weeks after festival ends. 10 x 10 tent and all display equipment responsibility of all participants. Two day participation required. No exceptions. Parking is off-site.

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Receiving is May 8-12, 2017. An Opening Reception is held on Friday, May 19 (6:30-9pm).