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A Mindset for Creative Photography - Pictures at an Exhibition Workshop


Pacific Moment by George Fellner

Date: Sunday, April 9

Time: 2-4pm

$40, Members save $4

This program explores the characteristics and attributes that make a photograph successful. While there are numerous categories and genres of subject material, there are nonetheless certain common denominators that can be used to determine what makes a good photograph. Specifically, there is a set of criteria that can be defined as objectives. For example, an image should have impact and possess a certain attraction that is both compelling as well as captivating for the viewer. A creative expression that is unique and imaginative, helping to convey a message is paramount for a photograph that is intended to leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, drama and emotion have the propensity to affect the viewer’s experience. In addition, the elements of composition are certainly a part of the equation, as well as the technical understanding of exposure, shutter speed, aperture, lighting, color balance, resolution, detail, contrast, and tonal gradation.

Through a discussion of concepts, strategies, and processes, George Fellner presents a mindset for creative photography. A discussion about the methodology for entering photography shows and competitions helps to establish a positive approach for participating in exhibitions. His use of visual examples helps to illustrate the positive and negative aspects of a photograph in a descriptive and revealing manner. The intent is to provide an understanding of what makes a good photograph and a sense of what is involved in judging images in a photo show. Ultimately, as photographers, we all strive to learn what works for Pictures at an Exhibition.

Fine art photographer and architect, George Fellner, is committed to a dual life-path involving visual discovery and design, relating to both the natural and built environments. Inspired by his travels as well as his in-depth involvement with photo essays, George’s photographic subjects include landscape, architecture, travel, portrait, and objects of nature. The focus of George’s present work, Imaginary Realms, reveals an endless search for the abstractions of reality, involving the macro photography of stones and crystals. Influenced by the 19th and 20th century art movements of Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism, he is engaged in an ongoing exploration of the imagination.

George’s photographs have been presented in journals, magazines, books, and travel guides. Nature Genetics, an international science journal, has featured three of his photographs for their front covers. INK Publications magazine featured the article Photographer George Fellner: Architect for Body and Spirit with an in-depth description of his art and methodology for Imaginary Realms. In addition, George’s photographs of some of his architectural designs have been published in a series of three books on architecture by E. Ashley Rooney. Furthermore, her book: Artist’ Homes and Studios features George’s studio space design and photographs from his Imaginary Realms series. He recently published his first book Imaginary Realms: The Visual Language of Stones and Crystals.

His limited edition prints have been exhibited throughout Connecticut at shows in art galleries and museums at the New Britain Museum of American Art, The Slater Memorial Museum, Mystic Museum of Art, Mystic Arts Center, Shoreline Arts Alliance: Mill Gallery, West Hartford Art League: Clubhouse Gallery, the University of Connecticut Stamford Art Gallery, and Spectrum Gallery. He has also exhibited in solo shows at EO Art Lab Gallery and Mercy Center’s Mary C. Daly Art Gallery. Many of George’s limited edition prints are now exhibited in a number of permanent art collections located at the NYC headquarters for Nature Genetics, the Yale School of Medicine, and the Jackson Laboratory at the University of Connecticut Health Center.

In the interest of teaching and sharing, George regularly presents programs on photography, fine art, and architecture. He has also judged numerous photography shows, as well as graduate architectural thesis projects. His images provide a visual language to celebrate reality, explore its abstractions, and discover worlds within worlds.

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