Current Exhibition

Shadow Dance: Spectrum Gallery’s Newest Exhibit

Opens March 27, 2020

Shadows! They can be mysterious. They can be dark and gloomy. And, as time passes, they change with the season. Shadows are the focus of Spectrum Art Gallery’s newest exhibit: Shadow Dance, an exploration of original artwork that showcases the imagery of shadows in a variety of mediums. Located at 61 Main Street, Centerbrook, Connecticut, the show opens Friday, March 27. The seven-week show runs through May 17.

Presenting at Spectrum are both returning and new artists working in a wide-range of mediums including Kelly Taylor who works with acrylic, gel mediums, collage and photo transfers to create abstract mixed media; Sally Caswell, new to Spectrum, an award-winning artist whose paintings are inspired by nature’s color and light; she paints on location to capture its atmosphere, while her studio paintings are directly informed by her en plein air work. Sean Carney’s unique method specializes in painting with Minwax wood stain and a Dremel (a rotary tool). His works appear like traditional paintings from a distance, but upon closer inspection, the viewer becomes aware that they are not traditional at all.

Painter and illustrator Marta Reisman exhibits several colorful and abstract works in acrylic and paper. Artist Mary Danenberg presents a touching work in oil of a solitary dancer honing her craft. New to Spectrum is artist Lora Broussard who presents a mysterious, abstract limited lithograph, Renaissance Woman.

Other fine artists at Spectrum include Barbara Rossitto, an award-winning painter who works in acrylic and oil to create vivid, colorful pieces that flow with powerful movement; Jane White who has been painting watercolor “house portraits” for over 40 years, works in pastel and watercolor. Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis, new to Spectrum, a multi-talented artist, working in paint, printmaking and photography exhibits pastel works for the Shadow Dance show. Artist David Ferreira, also new to Spectrum, explores imagery that revolves around dynamic light, animals, science and the impact of man on the natural world; he presents two dramatic pieces one in acrylic and another in oil.

Returning favorites are Catherine Satsuk with a dreamy forest scene captured in oil on canvas; an intricate watercolor by Claudia van Nes; Gloria Nilsson with several original works; and artist and teacher Jay Babina with an acrylic cityscape. Another artist returning to Spectrum is Ted Genard who also works in a variety of mediums, primarily oil on canvas, graphite and charcoal on paper. Others include painters Pat Damiani and Dan Nichols, painter and calligrapher Ned Farrell and Rosemary Webber, an illustrator and artist who works in oil, watercolor, and pen, presenting a summery landscape in oil. Jeni Gray-Roberts, another Spectrum favorite, has created an art glass sculpture just for the Shadow Dance show.

A show at Spectrum is never complete without our returning and new fine art photographers. For Shadow Dance Elin Dolle presents several works capturing magnificent and powerful images of horses; Faith Bilansky presents a digital work in striking black and white with a bold effect; Deb Simmons and Lisa Conti present two photographs enhanced with pen and ink, Larry Bilansky shows an original fine photographic work entitled Bridge to Knowledge and Marcus Maronn, a photographer who often captures nature and stunning scenic vistas, presents Dancing Shadows, an archival print that illustrates the power of movement. Another returning favorite is photographer Robert Thomas with several new pieces, and new to the gallery is multi-medium artist Sue Mullaney with several new digital photographic works.

Ioana Barac, also returning to Spectrum, is a designer and maker of ornament and public sculpture. Her interest in form is clearly illustrated in her photograph of a modern day thinker, Repose: The Thinker, an archival digital black and white photograph. Photographer Jim Elting captures the beauty and simplicity of still life, and the wonders of the environment through landscapes, particularly of the Southwest and Pacific Northwest, and a new and original work is also available by returning favorite photographer Normand Charlette whose piece, Sunset Shapes, reminds us Summer may not be that far away.

Many Spectrum fine artisans are exhibiting their creations including Andy Teran who works in collage, wood sculpture, assemblage, and paint, and is known for his carvings of whales and fish; Cristina Lugo, originally from Puerto Rico, creates framed scenes of nature using sea glass from her home country, paper and shadow boxes. For Shadow Dance she presents several pieces with birds, flowers and critters. Maryann Flick, a Spectrum favorite, presents new stained-glass panels and boxes – both functional and decorative. And there are new pressed flower creations by Spectrum botanical artist, Anna Sidorow, as well as felted Spring figures and eggs by the very creative Holly Bollier. Fabric artist Linda Lundqvist has not forgotten children who may be dyeing Easter eggs and yes eating chocolate and other sweets during the upcoming Spring season. For them ( or maybe for their parents) she has created a number of Spring themed children’s aprons.

Glass artisan Carole Young who searches for interesting forms in glass and pottery to use as her canvas for a variety of landscape and waterscape scenes returns to Spectrum, and Robin Malvezzi, new to Spectrum, is stained glass artisan who has been honing her craft for over 30 years and enjoys combining natural objects such as shells, geodes, crystals and wood in her work stunningly presented in her pieces in the Shadow Dance show. New to Spectrum is fabric artist, Mallorey Caron, who handprints botanical imagery on her fabrics using environmentally friendly inks and no chemicals during the process; Caron even grows many of her dye materials in her garden or forages in the woods of the Massachusetts Berkshires where she is based. Dale Gardner-Fox is a new knitter to the Gallery with a variety of fun spring accessories for this show from scarves to shawls.

Unique new jewelry designs are offered by Joan Wenzel, Carol Dorman, Linda Saucier, Lynn Sheft, Racquel Miller, Lauren Mullaney, Sue Braden Hull, Joanna Biskupski and Sandra and Whitney Huber. Returning to Spectrum is Kristie Foss who works with polymer clay to create stunning pieces that resemble metals and stones. Also showing new pieces is Robert Kelsey who creates imaginative designs in copper and brass.

Spectrum Art Gallery and Artisans Store, will be open during the current pandemic only on weekend. Saturdays from Noon-6pm and Sundays from Noon-5pm. The gallery is an expansion of the non-profit Arts Center Killingworth which organizes classes, workshops, and summer art and fashion camps for children and teens. The Arts Center also recently announced two Calls for Artists for 2020 – the Summer Arts Festival in Essex, CT and the Autumn Arts Festival in Madison, CT. More information on how artists can participate can be found on Spectrum’s website,

Spectrum Gallery and Artisans Store offer artists from throughout Connecticut and beyond the opportunity to develop, present and sell their artwork both online and at the Gallery, located at 61 Main St., Centerbrook, CT. For more information call Spectrum at (860) 767-0742 and visit For more information about the Arts Center Killingworth call (860) 663-5593 and visit